Week #1 – Salon Buzz for Hair Color

New year, new me! Not only am I starting 2013 with a new blog, I also have a slightly new look!

I’m 30 years old, and less than a week ago, I had never colored my hair before.

My mom and sister Lauren have always told me not to dye my hair because my natural color is nice (everyone wants what they can’t have, right?). I appreciate their advice, and I’ve listened for probably 15 years, but now I’m going rogue…because I’m really into the ombre hair trend.

I consulted my friend Jill, who is a colorist at Salon Buzz in Gold Coast, months ago to get her take, and she told me to come in anytime. I finally went into the salon last week, and I had good company: My sister Lauren (who was looking for a “lift” in her hair color and cut), my friend Lauren (who was looking to go all-over darker with her hair), and I strolled into Salon Buzz for our color.

Salon Buzz is beautiful: two floors of high-end salon, buzzing with hair dryers, good music, and happy, chatting clients. The staff made us feel comfortable, hung up our coats, gave us smocks to wear, and I even got a cup of my favorite chamomile tea. All the women who work there have incredible hair, including Jill, so I knew we were safe.

Our Inspiration:
Me = Rachel Bilson (Here’s the photo I brought in!)
Sister Lauren = Olivia Palermo
Friend Lauren = Mila Kunis

With these hopes, we were going to come outta there looking pretty sexy. And in my opinion, we did!

Because Jill knows me well enough to know I can’t handle anything too drastic, my look is subtle, with ombre and face-framing highlights.

I love the results. Jill did an awesome job! I feel like I just got back from vacation with a sun-kissed tan! (I can see how this can get addicting…)

Would I recommend Salon Buzz? Definitely! Jill does excellent work.

Will I color my hair again? Definitely maybe. I’m really enjoying my highlights, but I also want to enjoy my rich brown natural color before the radon white hair starts really taking over. Of course it doesn’t help when I saw my husband after my visit to the salon, he told me he just likes the “natural me.” An indirect compliment, I guess?

But maybe hair color isn’t about pleasing your significant other. Maybe it’s about doing something for yourself every once in awhile. After all, this is my year, right? I gotta look good when I’m buzzing around town. THANKS, JILL and Salon Buzz!

Salon Buzz
310 West Superior Street
Gold Coast

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First Blog Post Ever!

Here it is! My first blog post ever!

I’ve helped friends and businesses with their social media before, but I’ve never had my own forum to say and do as I pleased. What an exciting—and horrifying—feeling.

The truth is, the idea for this blog has been in my head for more than a decade. I flashback to my teenage years, living in Park Ridge, probably sitting in a friend’s bedroom listening to one of my beloved boy bands. “We should make a list of all the things we want to do in the city this summer?!?” But we’d just end up doing the same old thing.

Not much has changed in my life. My husband and I have been talking about taking a big trip for months—haven’t planned a thing. I can’t even get across the street to try this little restaurant that always looks so sweet and romantic when I peek in the window—too busy watching Netflix.

But 2013 is going to be different. My co-workers of nine months have reignited the spark to try something new. Or in this case, a year’s worth of new things. They are talented women with blogs and hobbies and plans to travel the globe. And not that I’m surrendering to peer pressure, but who wouldn’t want to do all of those things?

Now it’s my turn for a little self discovery in the city that I love best: Chicago. I will write (at least!) 52 posts about my adventures—new restaurants, nightlife, activities, museums, festivals, events…you name it!

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.