Week #2 – Slurping Turtle

When I was a young girl, I wanted to get married three times. (This post is pretty juicy already, huh?)

1. Teen actor Matthew Lawrence
2. A Japanese chef
3. My true love

Well, things didn’t work out as I had “wanted” (got the true love on the first try!), but my love for Japanese food still remains strong.

Enter Slurping Turtle, the glorious noodle shop of the one and only Takashi Yagihashi. You may know him from his delicious food at Takashi in Bucktown (I went for my birthday a few years ago and LOVED it!), or Noodles by Takashi Yagihashi at Macy’s, or maybe a little show called Top Chef Masters on Bravo.

This weekend I was feeling pretty under the weather, so I needed a little comfort food pick-me-up. When I suggested the Slurping Turtle to my foodie friends Sandra and Brad, they happily joined me.

We arrived at Slurping Turtle—which is an amazing name, by the way—and were seated right away. The restaurant is so sleek and modern, with booths along the wall and upstairs on the second floor, and a communal table in the center. Love the lighting here too. I was so pleased when they sat us upstairs, so I could see all of the action.

Our waiter, John, was polite and friendly. He asked if we had any food allergies (music to the ears of a lactose-intolerant gal), and went on to talk about the food offerings, shared his favorites, and explained how all of the noodles are made in house.

When Sandra suggested we try the pork belly snacks, I was nervous, but said yes to sampling them. After all, this is the year of trying new things, right? For my main dish, I went with the Shoyu Wonton Ramen: homemade thin ramen noodle, classic Tokyo style soy broth, chicken wonton, grilled chicken, snow peas, and marinated egg. And some hot green tea too.

The noodles arrived just before the pork belly snacks, which usually really annoys me…however, the second I tasted that little bite of heaven, my frustration melted away, just like the sweet little snack melted in my mouth. The flavor packed into this thing was so fresh and delicious, I could have eaten three more, at least. But it was time to try the noodles.

This ramen was so comforting, it made me forget I was sick. The little wontons were, again, very flavorful, the noodles were long and delicious without being obnoxious, and the broth was just what I needed. And I couldn’t eat my ramen without taking a slurping photo! (Check out mine and Sandra’s below! Ha!) Sadly, I only made a small dent in my noodles, which was good because I was able to bring the rest home for Nate (my husband) who was sick in bed all day.

So, would I go again? Without a doubt. I will definitely order the pork belly snacks next time, but I also want to try their huge and tasty-looking bento boxes. We decided that ramen probably isn’t the best place for a first date, but definitely if you love Japanese food like I do, you need to visit at least once. I know I have to take Nate here, as he now loves Japanese food as much as I do. If only Matthew Lawrence could come…

Slurping Turtle
116 W. Hubbard Street
River North


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