Week #4 – The Boarding House

I have been a Check, Please! fan for years now, so when Sandra told me we had reservations at The Boarding House after Ada Street last Friday, I was pretty excited. (My sister-in-law Melissa also recommended it earlier that week!) I was even more impressed when we walked up to the three-story building at 720 N. Wells and fell in love with the beautiful façade.

I read about the fantastic wine glass chandelier in the bar on the first floor and had seen it online (get a tour of the Boarding House here, but it’s much grander in person. I was distracted, however, by the fact that Ms. Alpana Singh was at the host stand when we arrived! She whisked us downstairs to the basement Cellar, where the wine cellar, another bar area, and seating were available. Our table was centrally located, and I was so excited to soak in all of the action.

Our waitress Sloan really helped to make our experience unforgettable. She was kind, informative, and attentive. I started out with a glass of Rosato champagne (when in doubt, pick the first thing on the menu!), Sandra also had a glass of bubbly, and the boys split a bottle of J. Christopher Pinot Noir (see the wine list here). Their wine was so smooth, they were drinking it like water. Sandra and I loved our champagne selections so much, we decided to get a bottle from The Boarding House’s “Our Top Wines of the Moment List”, an assortment of wines and champagnes that are on special.

I have to admit something to you too: while in the Cellar, I never stopped dancing in my seat. Or belting lyrics at the top of my lungs, for that matter. (I was that girl.) The music in the Cellar is an eclectic mix of 80s & 90s pop that is to die for.

Hours passed by quickly, and we left The Boarding House around 12:30 a.m. We had the best time, and even stopped to chat with Alpana on our way out. (Bonus!)

I’m sad to hear that after this next season she will no longer be the host of Check, Please!, but I’m confident that The Boarding House of River North, is and will be a gem to visit for years to come.

The Boarding House
720 N. Wells
River North

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