Week #31 – 10pin Bowling Lounge

Yesterday the organization I work for (IES Abroad!) had our summer outing at 10pin, a cosmic bowling alley that’s about a 10-minute walk from our offices. I can’t tell you how much needed this afternoon out was, as we’re winding down on our busy catalog season (before fall term starts) and ramping up for all the other projects that need to be done. (Deep breaths!)

We had such a ball (pun intended) at the bowling alley, catching up with co-workers (both in the Chicago office and our AWESOME recruiters and staff who work remotely) and getting to know new ones. R&A took it to the next level (like they always do!) and made sweet custom shirts with playful uses of our marketing taglines accompanied by neon scrunchies and side pony tails. (See the photo below!) PS–Do black lights ever get old?

But let’s get down to business: the bowling. I am NOT good, but somehow I managed to get a strike on my first turn. Call it beginner’s luck, but I set the bar high from that point. With my co-worker Mark as my coach, I scored a 86 on my first round (you may not be, but I was pretty proud of this). It’s really hard to bowl and socialize at the same time!

It was important to me to document this event in photos, so indulge yourself in the photo gallery. **It was supes dark in there, so my apologies for the dark photos/photos that didn’t make it on the blog.

To my co-workers, thanks for making my first summer outing an awesome one. Hope to continue the tradition next year! And as Hope would say, let’s “keep rockin’ it.”

10pin Bowling Lounge
330 N State Street
Marina City

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