Week #43 – Spotlight: Pumpkin Carving

My friend Gina and her husband Clint recently moved back to Chicago after spending two years in New York (yay!). I was excited when Gina invited me over to their new condo for pumpkin carving on a warm fall afternoon.

I arrived with two pumpkins, some pumpkin doughnut holes, and lots of excitement (I haven’t carved pumpkins in years!). Gina had a well-rounded spread of fall goodies, including hot cider, chili, and lots of cookies.

Gina’s sister Lauren and our friend Jill were there when I arrived, and Gina’s friend Danielle joined us soon after.

We headed to the backyard to carve pumpkins, and I had an idea in mind from Pinterest: pumpkins designed using a cordless drill! I asked Jill to bring hers, and let me tell you, I think this is the only way I’ll “carve” pumpkins from here on out.

A cordless drill is not only easy to use, but it’s precise and clean. On my small pumpkin, I chose to drill our monogram and a heart. On my large pumpkin, I simply drilled holes all over for a polka dot look.

When I got home, I put battery-operated tea lights in the pumpkins, and I’m so pleased with the outcome.

If you haven’t carved your pumpkin yet and have (or can borrow) a drill, try it for yourself!20131027-140723.jpg20131027-140751.jpg

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