Brunch at Longman & Eagle

I’ve been wanting to visit Longman & Eagle for quite a while; I’ve seen the Logan Square spot on the Food Network and heard so much buzz about it. The farm to table, nose to tail restaurant serves American cuisine, and the menu changes frequently, which is even more reason to visit often.

After dragging Nate to run errands early on our day off, we went on a brunch date here. Parking wasn’t hard to find, and the wait was probably about 30 minutes (no reservations), but the eye candy was endless.

The decor is eclectic, so there’s tons to look at. I checked out the many awards on the wall, as well as the extremely well-stocked bar (so many whiskeys–Nate was in heaven).

We sat at a table near the hostess stand. Our waiter was very attentive for how busy they were, which I really appreciate. I ordered an iced coffee and poached eggs, homemade sausage, and potatoes. (I opted against the PBR shot that you can get with it!) Nate’s order was much more exciting: Bloody Mary with a shot of PBR and chicken and waffles.

Our meal lived up to the hype. I daydream about those crispy potatoes. The perfectly poached eggs. I tried Nate’s chicken, and it was tasty, too. Longman & Eagle is one of those places where you can come back and try many different items (as opposed to my usual “find something I like and stick to it” attitude), so I look forward to our next visit!

Also, did you know they have six rooms available for visitors to stay overnight? The prices are reasonable (start at $85 a night) and given the restaurant decor, I bet the rooms are pretty cool, too. Something to check out if you have guests coming in town. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all right there!

Longman & Eagle
2657 North Kedzie
Logan Square




Girls’ Night Out: Mary Lee’s Bachelorette Party

My friend Mary Lee is getting married next month, and we recently celebrated her bachelorette party! Mary Lee and I met through our good friends Jill and Jeremy, as Mary Lee is engaged to Jeremy’s twin brother, Ryan. (They make a really cute couple, I might add!)

We started the night at Mary Lee’s twin sisters Kate and Allie’s adorable apartment in Logan Square. (Yes, lots of twins in this post!) Jill was already there prepping with the sisters when Jess (my sister-in-law) and I arrived. (Another twin fun fact: Jess and I are married to twins!)

They served snacks and cocktails, including a pink drink that was reminiscent of jungle juice in college. My gosh, it was good…and dangerous. We opened presents, took pictures (see below!), and then headed over to Orso’s in Old Town for dinner.

We were seated right away downstairs, but passed through the main dining room, a lively bar area, and piano man on our way to our table. Drinks were included in our meal package, so out of habit and nervousness, I ordered my old standby: rum and diet coke.

Bread and olive oil were placed on the table, along with family-style appetizers of bruschetta and peppers and sausage. Yum! By this time, I noticed Mary Lee and her friend were drinking French Martinis, which looked delicious. I had to try one.

There are many variations of the recipe online, but here’s the gist:

fresh pineapple juice
raspberry liqueur (recommended: Chambord)

You wouldn’t think pineapple juice would be in a French cocktail, but it was tasty…too tasty. I ordered another.

Back to the food! Next came a house salad, followed by mushroom risotto, chicken vesuvio, vesuvio potato wedges, and ravioli. And for dessert? Tiramisu, of course! Are you full just reading about it?

I’m bummed I only RSVP’d for the dinner because the girls were headed to Second City next. I had such a blast, and am so glad I was invited to celebrate Mary Lee and meet her friends. Can’t wait for the wedding next month!

1401 North Wells
Old Town





Paint, Paste, Sticker: Chicago Street Art Exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center

Whenever my friend Erica invites me somewhere, I always try to go because her suggestions don’t disappoint. So when she invited me to check out the Chicago Street Art exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center, I couldn’t refuse.

We went the day before the exhibit ended (sorry you can’t go!), and I’m so glad we did. I live in the West Loop, where there’s a lot of street art, and it was cool to learn more about the artists who do the stickering, pasting, etc. Erica even had a friend in the show, which made it that much cooler to see.

After we checked out the exhibit, Erica showed me the Tiffany Dome–how beautiful! We even took some selfies under it (I highly suggest it). I’d never been to the Cultural Center (check it off the to do list!), but the architecture is so awe-inspiring, it seems like something every Chicagoan should see. We went on our lunch hour, so to those who work in the loop–you have no excuse!

Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington
The Loop