Taste Test: Carrot Cake from Eli’s Cheesecake

I’ve grown up loving Eli’s Cheesecake, but did you know that they have a lot more desserts than their signature offering?

I really didn’t either until last week when I tried their DELICIOUS carrot cake. I was still at work when that sweet package arrived, and Nate had to take a photo of it to show me how large it was. I peeked inside the box when I got home, and was impressed by how well it was packaged. And how tasty it looked. My mouth began to water…

Although this cake is portioned for 14 people, don’t be fooled—it’s huge! And do yourself a favor: ignore the nutrition facts. I mean, you’re eating cake, I don’t really think you should be worried about whether it’s healthy or not!

Because this cake probably weighed a few pounds, we had to call for reinforcements. We had some friends over on Friday night for a dessert party, with the carrot cake being the star of the show. I included some homemade Rice Krispie treats, cookies, candy, and strawberries (have to have one healthy option, right?) to balance out the offerings.

Back to the carrot cake. The presentation was excellent. Every bite was perfection. I love carrot cake, and this recipe did not disappoint! It was rich, moist, flavorful, and had a good balance of frosting to cake. (Three layers of cake, I might add. And, you’re crazy if you don’t love the cream cheese frosting!) And my friends thought it was great, too! Although there were eight of us, we only made a dent in the cake. So you better believe we sent some home with friends.

On Sunday, I brought the cake over to my parents’ house, as they love a good sweet. My dad didn’t hesitate at 2 p.m., and dove in for a full piece. When I asked him what he thought? “That’s damn good cake.” I couldn’t agree more.

Need a dessert for Easter? A Spring-inspired dinner party? Why do all the work—order a carrot cake or one of their other spring desserts like Tira Mi Su or Limoncello Cake from Eli’s!

Eli’s Cheesecake
6701 West Forest Preserve Drive





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