#Foodiechats Event at Plum Market

What makes a grocery store a great grocery store? For me, it’s unique, affordable items in a well-displayed store with a pleasant staff. A fabulous selection of beer and wine, a See’s chocolate counter, and a wine bar help, too. You can find this and so much more at Plum Market in Old Town.

Last Monday, Plum Market hosted a live #Foodiechats blogger event, where we sipped on a variety of wines from the wine bar (which is located right next to the Intelligensia coffee bar), tasted delicious appetizers like margarita pizza and cornets of smoked eggplant, wandered the aisles of this beautiful store, and answered our #Foodiechats questions, of course! (You may remember I’ve attended a #Foodiechats event before.)

Not only did I make some new friends (shout out to @BeGlam_,@sundeesundee, and @blazersandbows, to name a few!), I also took home some good finds like ginger chews, a new sheep’s milk cheese to try (thanks to the kind employees in the cheese department for their help!), tea, and blueberry soy yogurt that tasted heavenly yesterday for breakfast.

Plum Market is celebrating its anniversary this week, so stop by to enjoy it! Special thanks to Plum Market and #Foodiechats for a great event!

Plum Market
1233 North Wells
Old Town






Lunch Event: New Native Foods West Loop

Well, after what felt like a long hiatus, I’m officially back for the first day of summer!

Last week I was asked by the amazing people of Native Foods to come to their new West Loop location for lunch before the restaurant opens (it just officially opened yesterday!) to sample all of their delicious food. This means I could try an appetizer, entree, side dish, dessert, and drink…for free! Of course I said yes, and what made it even better was that I could bring my friends along, and they could enjoy lunch for free, too. (What a genius marketing strategy, people.)

So some of my co-workers and I walked over to Presidential Towers, where the restaurant is located, on a beautiful Friday afternoon. We checked in, and were given an orange ticket (kind of like a Wonka golden ticket!) to get our free lunch.

Now, I’ve been to Native Foods before--the first time for my blog–and I always order the same thing: the Yo Amigo Taco Salad with avocado and a Lavender Lemonade. Why? Try them and you’ll understand how delicious this combination is. So, I decided to branch out.

I ordered the Nuevo Native Nachos for my appetizer, which I couldn’t stop eating, so I couldn’t finish my Twister Wrap with crispy chicken (although it was tasty, too). I also ordered the Lemon Dill Potato Salad (yum) and the Oatmeal Creme Pie for dessert (extra yum) but brought them home because that is an insane amount of food. And washed it all down with a Lavender Lemonade, of course.

I should also mention that I was able to try my friends’ Native Chicken Wings and love the Native Sweet Potato French Fries. The seasoning on them is heavenly!

Long story short: try Native Foods. Over the past year or so, I’ve met people here for lunch that have never been, sent them here as a fast casual restaurant suggestion, and I don’t know anyone that’s ever disliked it–honestly! One of my best discoveries from the blog, for sure.

Native Foods West Loop – Open Now!
14 South Clinton
West Loop