Spotlight: Apple Picking at County Line Orchard

If you have Facebook friends who are:

  • In their late 20s/early 30s;
  • Have a child; and/or
  • Live in the Midwest

Chances are you’ve already seen a million apple picking photos. Well, this post will be one million and one!

Yes, I’m 31 years old, and this is the first time I’ve ever been apple picking! Nate, my brother Christopher and his wife Melissa, and our friends Clint and Gina joined me for a morning of apple picking and corn mazing. I chose County Line Orchard based on some feedback from my Facebook friends (thank you!) because it’s relatively close (about an hour) and has good activities (corn maze, pumpkin patch, U-Pick sunflower field, roasting marshmallows, bee hives…oh, yeah, and apple picking).

We drove to Hobart, Indiana, the Sunday after our Revolution Brewing Oktoberfest Party, and we couldn’t have picked a more perfect day. Blue sky + cool temperature = ideal apple picking weather.

We started our experience in the Timber Frame Barn, sampling apple cider, and tasting apple cinnamon and pumpkin-glazed donuts (holy amazing) while we browsed the gifts, food, and mementos for sale. Then, we headed outside to get our tickets for apple picking.

We were told the corn maze was muddy, but we wanted to do it anyway. For the Explorer Pass (access to the maze and apple picking), it cost $7 per person, in addition to the apples costing $1.89 a pound. Now, I understand apple picking is a novelty, so I didn’t think these prices were too outrageous.

We hopped on a tractor ride and made our way to the corn maze. An employee handed us a map of the maze that was designed to honor Frank Thomas and Greg Maddux, and had 10 checkpoints (you got a hole punch at each point). We successfully completed the task, although we did get a little dirty. There was also a beautiful sunflower field next to the maze, so we snapped a few photos there.

Next, we walked over to the apple orchards, which were partially picked over (it was early October), but there were still plenty of apples to pick. I opted for mostly Jubilee Fuji, which—according to my information guide—are good for eating, cooking, pies, and frying. We picked six pounds, and I actually ate most of them, giving a few to a friend. I’ll have to get more next year to bake and make some homemade applesauce!

Our trip to County Line was wonderful. I went home with my apples, as well as a mix of donuts for my co-workers, and some delicious kettle corn. My brother ordered a soft pretzel (his favorite!) from a vendor outside, and it was the best pretzel I’ve ever had. (They have many vendors and food trucks outside to visit before or after your pick.) There’s also a kid’s farm, and plenty of pumpkins and decorative items to purchase, and, I know I’m biased, but they also have weddings here! (See photos from our barn wedding)

Would I return to County Line? Definitely. Will apple picking be a tradition in our house? I sure hope so!

County Line Orchard
200 S. County Line Road
Hobart, Indiana










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