Spotlight: Nice, France

Well, talk about a throw back! It’s about time (almost 5 months) I share some pictures with you from my time in Nice, don’t you think?!?

Back in January, I made my second trip in Nice; my first time was for two days when I was 18 years old (needless to say, it’s been awhile) while on a European getaway with my friend Ali. 

Although I was there for work this time around (I know, my job IS awesome!), I was able to enjoy lots of good food and see the city, and even visited Cannes and Monaco. 

I was also 14 weeks pregnant at the time, so no tartare, soft cheese, or wine for me! Well, I had one sip…guess I’ll just have to go back!!!

I am not really sure how to share a week in paradise with you, but I’ll share some of my favorites moments, meals, and memories (through photos) with you! 

Nicoise cuisine is a mix of French and Mediterranean, including lots of fresh fish and seafood, olives, veggies, cheeses, and don’t forget the rosé wine! Here’s a good article on 5 things to eat and drink from Nice.

Some of my favorite meals and snacks included:

  • Farcis: a classic Nicoise dish made from vegetables like tomatoes, eggplant, and zucchini, hollowed out and stuffed with ground meat, garlic, and bread crumbs.
  • Fresh clementines I bought from a local grocer (they sell them with the leaves and stems still on)
  • Red mullet fish and greens 
  • Artisan apple tart
  • Coq au vin 
  • And lots of croissants! 

Take a look:





Want more? Check out this video I made for work: 

Au revoir for now!


10 Years Later: Remembering Graduation

I’m about to date myself here, friends. On this day 10 years ago, I graduated from the University of Illinois. (Well, I’m almost positive it was this day, ha.) Can you believe it?

I was so young and unsure of what the future would bring. I was going to New York to interview for a job at a magazine. (I think fate stepped in because I really wanted to be with a certain someone–call me a romantic…) 

Nate and I had been together for about 2.5 years at that point, and I remember wanting to marry him because I knew for certain that was something I wanted to do. (It would take law school for Nate, a couple of jobs for me, and 6 more years for that to happen, but he’s worth the wait.)
Flash forward and I’m with a good man who is a good husband, and we are about to become parents in a month (if you don’t count our pride and joy, George Barc King). I have a job that I love working with people that I respect, doing work that I know makes a difference in people’s lives. And I have great friends and family to support me and have along the journey every day. 
(You might be thinking–gag me, right?) Don’t get me wrong: it’s not always sunshine and roses. Nate and I have gone through a lot–just within the last year–so feeling at peace is a very new thing. Life is truly a roller coaster, and I think a lot of it is just knowing that everything really will work out. (That doesn’t mean that I don’t still worry because I do all of the time, but that’s just inevitable.) Being pregnant has even been worrisome to me, but as I type, my baby is kicking me. I used to think that would be the creepiest thing in the entire world; now, it’s the most comforting.
It’s crazy to think, too, that I’ve been keeping this blog for 2+ of the past 10 years. It has been such a nice outlet for me, even if I feel like I can always be doing more. I’m hoping that there will be many more new adventures for this soon-to-be Second City Mama, and that you will be with me to share the way. 

Congrats to all of the grads out there. Be proud of your accomplishments and make all of the work worthwhile by doing something meaningful. Xo