Chicago Blackhawks Win the Stanley Cup!

Well, unless you aren’t on the Internet or live under a rock, you know that the Hawks won the Stanley Cup!!!!

I admit, I go through waves of being a sports fan. It’s kind of hard work! I’ve never been to a Hawks game, I can’t name every player on the team, I don’t know who is in which line, icing calls sometimes confuse me, and I scream with excitement every time either team gets close to the net (Nate can vouch for it…).

Lucky for me, my hubby is a big sports fan, and sits with a now 38.5-week pregnant lady while I ask a million questions about the game and the players. We also have close friends who are super into hockey who we’ve been watching some of the games with, and another friend who is actually an NHL agent (how cool is that?!?). It’s been so fun to follow his players and cheer for them! The whole team just seems like pretty stand-up guys (even if there are rumors…). I also have a not-so-secret crush on Coach Q, too. Maybe it’s the mustache??

I have to say that watching the Hawks win the Cup (third time in six years!) has been a lot of fun and a great source of entertainment for this preggo. I remember after they won in 2010, we waited outside of Harpo for the big red buses to come rolling by, so excited to get a glimpse of the players who were the absolute best in hockey (I know the girls really wanted to see Sharpie). I remember three years later, when I rode the 20 bus down Washington surrounded by a sea of red-sweatered fans on each side of the street, and wanting to join in on the fun. And I can’t wait for Thursday’s celebrations to see all of the wonderful players and their loyal fans. 

I feel so lucky to witness the dynasty, so thankful for the joy the team has brought me this season, and so excited to write in the “what happened in the news” section of the baby’s book: the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!

Now, your assignment: help me find the Cup!!!





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