Leap Day

Leap Day. An extra day to take advantage of more time. To do something extraordinary.

It’s easy to go with the motions. Sometimes life feels like Groundhog Day, set to repeat–I dare you to look for the differences in your day and appreciate the little things. I treated myself to an iced coffee this morning. I caught up with my cousin who I’ve been playing phone tag with for weeks. I took my lunch break and enjoyed the short-lived warmer temperature. 

But every day is special and one-of-a-kind, especially the time in the day when I’m with my family. When I look in my daughter’s eyes and see pure happiness. It fills my heart in a way I never knew existed, but always needed. When I see how my husband cares for her or my pup gives her a quick lick on the cheek, those are the moments that last a lifetime.

Our time together on the weekdays is short lived, usually only an hour at most in the morning and another hour and a half at night, but it’s the highlight of my day. I rarely leave work on time in the evenings (something I need to keep working on); it’s a constant struggle that gives me a lot of guilt. But when I get home and see my baby’s face light up, she’s everything I need after the hardest of days. 

Being a mother is extraordinary work, day in, day out. I appreciate my own mother so much more now, as well as other working mothers, and those who choose to raise their little ones full time. Nothing is easy, life can be hard, but we get through it–and savor it!–one Leap Day at a time.

Lagunitas Tap Room

It’s been a while since my last visit to a local brewery, so I was pretty excited to receive an invite to the Lagunitas Tap Room for our friend Jeff’s birthday. Children allowed?!? Even better.

So we packed up the diaper bag for some celebrating and had the best time. We got to the Tap Room around 3:30 pm on a Saturday, and the parking lot was pretty full. We entered the warehouse, where we were greeted at the door, and followed on to a psychedelic hallway of blue lights, neon paint, and loud music. I was a little nervous what I’d find at the end of the hall, but quite amused along the way!

We got to the end of the hallway where there was a super long line. Thinking it was for the brewery tour, we headed to the front, let them know where we were going and for a birthday, and headed up the stairs to the Tap Room. (I didn’t realize this WAS the line for the Tap Room. I was very grateful for these men, not making us wait with our little one!)

And after climbing the metal steps, it was clear why there was a line: the place was packed, and everyone was having a good time (=not leaving soon). There were a few rooms with lots of seating for lounging and eating, live entertainment in the form of a band and a magician, and picnic tables overlooking the brewery. Lucky for us, our friends scored a great picnic table with plenty of room to sit and stand around.

First matter of business: order beer! I opted for a sampler, which I think is the best way to try a bunch of options at a super affordable price. I chose:

  • Daytime – IPA
  • Pils – Czech Style Pilsner
  • Copper Fusion 17 – Red Ale
  • Aunt Sally – Sweet Tart Sour Mash Ale

I liked all of them, but Aunt Sally was the kind of beer that a few sips is plenty. Although I appreciate how unique it is. I’ve never had a mash before. But Nate stole my Aunt Sally. Haha.

And in my effort to eat better, I ordered the chili (instead of a burger or pretzel or nachos, which I was drooling for!). Now, I’m a whimp, but consider this your warning: it’s spicy. Everyone at our table heard me say it about 15 times (sorry!), but it’s the kind of spicy that makes you keep eating and eating. I just needed something to cool me down. Enter: Glazed and Infused’s Jumbo Doughnut.

I love donuts. Like, I really love donuts. And this donut is one of the most glorious I’ve ever seen. The perfect layer of icing paired with tons of sprinkles. And one would wonder if it would taste any good. I’m here to tell you–it’s amazing. So amazing that I ordered one for my sister-in-law’s birthday the following weekend. 

Please check out the Jumbo Doughnut and Lagunitas Tap Room. Good for day or night drinking with friends and family any age!