must see: kings & queens exhibit at the elmhurst art museum

In honor of my Dad’s birthday today, I have to tell you something…he’s pretty cool.

Why? Oh, not only is he a fantastic dad, he’s an amazingly talented artist who is currently featured in an art museum exhibit

Yep, this past Friday, the Elmhurst Art Museum held the opening night for its Kings & Queens: Pinball, Imagists, and Chicago exhibit, and my Dad’s work is featured among the city’s best artists in the field.

To say I’m proud is an understatement. His work shines, as does that of the others featured. The curator did such a great job of balancing artwork and pinball machines (that you can play!), as well as a video with vintage footage playing on a loop — the museum beautifully displays these exemplary works. Not to mention, the museum is gorgeous, worth a visit at any time.

The museum’s website sums up the exhibit well: 

“This interactive exhibition invites guests to play pinball on Chicago-designed and built pinball machines from the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s—including machines manufactured by Elmhurst’s Gottlieb family—alongside paintings, sculptures and prints also made in Chicago in the same period.”

I am grateful that my Dad taught me to appreciate art and culture. I am grateful that my Dad raised me to be creative. I am grateful that my Dad shared the importance of hard work and dedication. 

Simply, I am grateful for my Dad. Thank you, Dad, and congrats!

I encourage you to check out the exhibit for yourself:

Kings & Queens: Pinball, Imagists, and Chicago – Elmhurst Art Museum – February 25 – May 7, 2017

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