Mug Painting at Glazed Expressions

I don’t buy too many Groupons these days, but when I do, they’re usually for trying new things, like mug painting!

Katherine, Joanna, and Gina joined me for a little breakfast at Summerhouse Santa Monica, followed by mug painting and mimosas at Glazed Expressions (yes, it’s BYOB!).

Now, you may ask, why mugs? Yes, I already have many in my cabinet. Yes, I could go out and buy one. But for the same price, I can design a mug myself with my friends. 

We made our appointment for a Saturday at 11 am, so we were the first in the shop to paint. Bobby greeted us, and led us to our table. She showed us which mugs were included in the Groupon price, and we all chose big, wide mugs. 

Once more people came, we all got a tutorial on how to paint the mugs, how to use different tools, etc. In looking at others’ mugs for inspiration, I really liked a mug that had an ombré effect. I committed to that style and chose three shades of pink.

Bobby gave me directions on how to do the ombré: using a sponge, start with the lightest color and paint upward. Blend the next color to make a smooth transition, and then do again with a third color. I did three coats of this, and sponge painted the inside of the mug the darkest color. 

The paint is lighter and more matte before its fired, but I could tell already I loved it. What I also loved is that we all took different techniques when painting our mugs, including using tape and toothbrushes to create different effects.

When I picked the mugs up this week, I was so impressed with our work. I used my mug for my Sunday morning coffee (don’t you dare think you’ll get a pic of that, haha), and it wasn’t too heavy to hold and fit all of the coffee I needed.

I love these types of experiences: doing something creative with good friends. I hate to admit (but it’s obvious) that I don’t get out too much, so I really enjoy the moments I do! (Nothing against my family. ❤️) 

Anyone interested in coming next time?

Glazed Expressions
717 West Armitage
Lincoln Park



Signature Scents at Aroma Workshop

Before I started junior high school, my sister Lauren told me I had to have a signature scent. I chose Banana Republic W. Fast forward almost 20 years (oh my gosh, that’s crazy!), and I still have one: Jo Malone Wild Bluebell.

But a desire for change and a LivingSocial deal with a looming deadline recently brought my friend Gina and I to Aroma Workshop! After brunch with the gals at Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba, we sat down at the counter of this quaint garden-level establishment ready for some fun.

In front of us were probably 50 different scents, from light to floral to bold to musky. Sierra, the nice woman who created and mixed our perfumes for us, said to choose about 5-10 scents that we liked. Gina and I were all across the board with our choices, and even had shared some favorites.

Then, Sierra created four fragrance combinations made up of three or four different scents. I’ve included my combinations below. Once we each had four options, we focused on smelling them indoors, as well as outside. (During our appointment, someone in the back was eating lunch. Now, I’m not one to deny anyone of a meal, but it did make it tricky to smell our fragrance options over the food. The staff was very apologetic about it. And it didn’t keep me from making a good perfume choice!)

And that combination is…drum roll, please…pomegranate, white tea, sky, and white lily! It’s so light and refreshing, perfect for spring. My runner-up included sage, which smelled divine, but a little heavy and wintery.

Gina’s scent features fig, rose morning, and baby, and smells light and feminine. Good choice, girl!

So, with the LivingSocial deal, we also received cute glass bottles for our signature scents. We also were asked to name our fragrances: Gina’s is Gina Jo, and mine is Mrs. King.

To sum it up, I had a wonderful time and would definitely do it again! The shop keeps your scent on file, and you can also use it to create custom lotions, oils, sheet sprays, etc. that are available at the store–or pick something entirely new. Special thanks to the staff for their expertise and making our experience one-of-a-kind.

Aroma Workshop
2050 North Halsted Street
Lincoln Park

PS-Don’t miss out on Gina’s blog: Bacon, Bubbly & Boys! So fun!







Impromptu Stitch & Bitch Session

Last week when we were knee deep in snow and just before we experienced record low temperatures, our college friends got together to watch football, eat delicious chili and snacks, and catch up at Jeremy and Jill’s place.

Jill suggested crafting while we were there, so I picked a hat pattern online for beginners and started crocheting.

I’ve been crocheting on and off for about five years, after Jill taught me. You can say Jill channels my creative, crafty side, but, unfortunately for her, it usually means a lot of her guidance. I have to say, she’s an excellent teacher! Always patient, that’s for sure. (Remember our jewelry-making class?)

I’ve made basic scarves and infinity scarves, but never a hat! I’m left-handed and often have a hard time understanding the crochet directions, but Jill coached me through while she worked on intricate stockings she’s making for her and her husband. Meanwhile, our friends Jess and Gina experimented with new crochet techniques for their scarves. They were very encouraging with my hat, too!

After one crochet hiccup, the main part of the hat was complete! We added ear flaps, long crocheted strings to secure the hat with a tie, and added a Pom Pom to the top.

I’m pretty proud of this hat, and it was so fun to gossip with the girls while we crafted. We used to have “stitch-and-bitch” nights years ago. I think it’s time for a comeback!