#tbt Favorite Things Gift Exchange, Part 2

You may recall my friends and I have an annual themed gift exchange every year, and this year was no exception! The theme was favorite things last year, and we decided to continue the theme this year because we loved it!

Last time my favorite things were Voluspa candles and Clinique chubby sticks, both from Nordstrom. I guess my favorite things haven’t really changed this year because I gave Simpatico hobnail glass candles in Reindeer and some hard candies I picked up in France (which are actually made in Italy and can be bought here. #touristfail).

My gifts were well received, but the fun part is always seeing what ideas others come up with! Everyone gets three gifts (we pick names out of a bowl). I received a Venti Starbucks travel cup with a gift card (already used the cup, saving the card!) from Bridget, ingredients for Lauren’s favorite grilled cheese sandwich, and a wonderful Rosy Rings Fireside-scented candle and Lollia perfume from Natalie. Other awesome gifts included a movie gift set, complete with movie tickets, wine juice boxes, and popcorn; sphere ice molds; and more delicious Seda France candles.

The other “present” that was new to me was Lauren’s selfie stick! Seriously, it’s so fun and hilarious once everyone starts having a few cocktails. I’ve included a sampling of our best photos for your amusement!

Another year, another wonderful exchange hosted by Bridget. I secretly hope we continue with the theme next year because I love sharing my favorites (I will do something different than candles, I swear!), and receiving my besties’ favorite things, too.







Week #47 – REVISIT: Little Goat

Well, I had a hunch Little Goat Diner would be our new go-to spot, and I think I may be right. (Check out my first visit last week here.)

When Nate suggested we go to Little Goat for brunch today, I was looking forward to tasting something delicious from their lunch menu. I opted for the taco salad, which our waitress later mentioned was Stephanie Izard’s favorite. Nate ordered a cup of the goat chili and the grilled cheese.

Friends: please try the goat chili! Whether you get a side of it or in the taco salad, it is so flavorful and delicious. The taco salad featured layers of goodness, starting with the goat chili on the bottom, followed by chips, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, pickled onion, and thinly sliced peppers, all lightly covered with a tangy French dressing (I omitted olives, but it comes with them, too). Yum!

Little Goat Diner
820 West Randolph
West Loop