The Perfect Winter Lunch at Urbanbelly

We all know this winter has been unusually awful, so it’s good to find meals and recipes that make you feel warm and cozy as the snow falls and the wind blows. Enter Urbanbelly.

Nate suggested this little gem after our visit to the Chicago Auto Show last week, and it was excellent. Urbanbelly just joined our neighborhood months ago, housed in the same building as bellyQ on Randolph Street.

We walked in, and were warmly greeted by a host/waiter standing behind an order counter. He told us to take our time browsing the menu. We decide to sit and one of the restaurant’s communal tables to decide what to order.

Nate returned to the front to order. We opted for three pieces of pork and cilantro dumplings that are pork pot stickers with soy-balsamic sauce and pickled cabbage. The sauce made these pot stickers–hands down. I added more sauce that was on the table to enjoy.

Next for me was the Urbanbelly Ramen: Ramen noodles with braised pork belly, mushrooms, and egg. The pork belly melted in my mouth. The broth was flavorful with a kick. Nate had the Shrimp Udon Soup: thick Japanese noodles with shrimp, fish cakes, bok choy, and mushrooms. From the number of pepper flecks in his soup and the amount of water we drank, I’d say his had some heat!

I finished my meal by enjoying a small kettle of Jasmine tea–delicious. Nate tried it and loved it, too.

Delicious food, stellar service and close by? We will definitely be back for more. (Hopefully the temperatures warm up soon!)

1400 W. Randolph
West Loop

Urban Belly
1400 West Randolph Street
West Loop