fast and easy breakfast options

I’m constantly looking for easy breakfast recipes–that are adult AND/or kid friendly–because I usually end up having yogurt with fruit or honey during the weekdays.

Right after I gave birth to Ellie, my sister-in-law shared this delicious Food Network recipe for overnight oats, and it’s become a treat for me. 

At the time, I’d never had cold oats before. It does seem a little strange at first, but this couldn’t be easier and tastier! I made some this weekend, and wanted to share.

It got me thinking about other easy breakfast options. I am not a morning person and never have enough time. 

I’ve become a big fan of quiche. With store-bought crust, of course. Quiches are great because the whole family can eat, and you can easily add veggies like spinach or peppers to it.

Ellie has a pretty solid rotation of eggs (she ate three plus fruit yesterday!), Greek yogurt with natural applesauce, and Earth’s Best Organic blueberry waffles or pancakes. Any and all with fruit–her favorite! She just started having Cheerios with milk, too, which she thinks is pretty fun because she loves using a spoon.

When I have ripe bananas (often), I’ll make two-ingredient banana pancakes with cinnamon or these flavorful pumpkin banana muffins

Always looking for new ideas. Please share if you have some you love!

Google City Experts Party at Threadless

I think Google and Threadless are both pretty cool, so when my friend Erica told me about the Google City Experts party at Threadless, I had to RSVP to see what it was all about.

I wasn’t exactly sure what a Google City Expert was, so I Googled it (hehe): The Google City Expert program brings together the most active users on Google Maps who write reviews and upload photos of local places.

Sounds right up my alley!

My friend Sandra, Nate, and I arrived at Threadless HQ, walked past the parked food trucks (good sign!), and into a sensory overload: lots of people, awesome music (think Beyoncé and Aaliyah), another food truck, photos on the wall, an airstream, photographer, custom map making, and so much more.

Here’s a short list of some of the highlights (the pictures tell a lot, too):

Custom Chicago Maps: At our first Inspiration Station, they silkscreen maps of Chicago onto paper, and then you could customize your map with colored stamps. I included a home stamp for our place in the West Loop, a martini glass stamp in River North, a puppy stamp by Montrose Beach, a tree stamp by Lincoln Park, and more.

Picture Time!: Sandra and I took pictures with the photographer at the “photo booth”.

Pancakes for Dinner: We sampled Babycakes Gourmet Food Truck: strawberry cheesecake, peanut butter cup, and red velvet pancakes–yum! I think the red velvet were my favorite!

Button Up: We made our own buttons using magazines they had at the station. I made Nate an espresso maker pin (he loves ours at home) and mine was cat flexing her muscles (because I’m tough, right?).

I think I can speak of all of us when I say this was a fun event! The photos don’t even do it justice, but be sure to check them out. Thanks, Google and Threadless!

1260 West Madison Street
West Loop







Week #46 – Little Goat

Well, maybe you thought my Restaurant Week was over, but I needed to go out with a bang. Hello, Little Goat.

For months, it was killing me that I had not yet been to the latest restaurant of one of my favorite chefs: Stephanie Izard. (More Top Chef love!) Girl & the Goat is one of the best restaurants in the city, not to mention both spots are THREE blocks from our place! So today was the day we finally went with our friends Brad and Sandra.

Nate and I walked in and there was a photo booth. Awesome. It was 9 a.m. and the wait was brief. Double awesome.

We sat down in a cozy booth in what truly is a hip diner. I loved the wallpaper, the retro lighting, that you could see the cooks in the kitchen…I loved it all.

Looking at the menu had me drooling (A whole section dedicated to potatoes? Yes, please!), and I opted for coffee, corned beef hash with poached eggs, and a cinnamon roll for the table. I’m still drooling thinking about it…

The hash was so cozy and filling, I could only make it through half. I tried some of Sandra’s apple pancakes, and they were so delicious with buttermilk butter and oatmeal crumble on top. And the boys ordered a French Toast dish with chicken and fresh strawberries on top of eggs. The perfect combo of sweet and savory. The cinnamon bun was the perfect end to my meal, leaving me so stuffed I had to take a nap after breakfast.

Will I go back? I want to go tomorrow!!! I need to now have lunch and dinner here, and then breakfast again. Oh, Nate, I think I just found our new go-to spot. Check it off the to do list!

Little Goat
820 West Randolph
West Loop