Week #34 – Encore & Cadillac Palace Theatre

I was a total ’80s kid. Loved dressing up (I wore two dresses a day…even in kindergarten), crimping my hair, listening to Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, playing video games and pinball, and watching movies. Looking back, I now realize that I watched films that were probably a little too mature for my age, and one of those was Flashdance.

Which gets us to the point of the blog post: Flashdance the Musical. You may not have know this existed, and neither did I until my boss Amy asked if I wanted to go recently. Amy and her friends discovered an awesome deal that you can get a season’s worth of balcony tickets for $10 a show! (God knows I love a good deal.) My co-worker Erin went, too, along with Amy’s friend, Liz.

Before the show, we headed to Encore for some food (didn’t want my stomach to growl the entire show…not cute). Amy and I split baked goat cheese and a little sampler dish of coconut shrimp and chicken skewers. Accompanied by a glass of Prosecco, of course! And some live jazz music too!

The food was just what we wanted, something to tide us over but nothing too heavy. (Could you imagine if I fell asleep at the theatre? Yikes…) Amy’s friend Liz also met us, and we headed over to the theater next door (can’t get a much better before-theater spot) shortly after.

We raced up to our seats just in time for the show to start, and even though we were in the last row, it honestly didn’t matter. PS–How gorgeous is that theatre? I haven’t been to a musical for a while, and Flashdance was such a feel good, dance in your seat kind of show. The dancing was incredible, and the singing was strong too. (Secretly, it rekindled my dream of being a singer, but that’s a whole other blog post for another day.)

It has been awhile since I’ve seen the movie, but I like the way they portrayed it on stage. And who can resist that final scene when she’s dancing for the judges to “What a Feeling”? If you’re like me, you’ve definitely re-enacted that scene a time or two. If only I had some leg warmers…

Encore Liquid Lounge
171 West Randolph Street

Cadillac Palace Theatre
Flashdance the Musical
151 West Randolph Street















Week #29 – Robin Thicke Concert at Taste of Chicago

I couldn’t figure out how to write this post without gushing about Robin Thicke, so I decided I should just write him a note.


Dear Robin,

One fateful morning I was walking to work when I saw a sign right in front of my office that you’d be performing at the Petrillo Music Shell at the Taste of Chicago (Butler Field). Coincidence? I think not. How could I refuse?!?

It’s important to note that I’ve been enjoying your music for quite some time now. “When I Get You Alone” is still one of my favorites, but I’m more vested than just your hits on the radio. “Complicated” is great, and “I Need Love” is so smooth. I couldn’t wait to hear these and many more at the concert!

I haven’t been to the Taste of Chicago since reversible tube tops were popular, but no crowd was too big to keep me from seeing you perform. My friends Lauren, Bridget, their significant others (God bless them) and my brother (what a guy) joined me!

Estelle was a great opening act—but who are we kidding? Everyone was waiting for you.

The weather was extra hot and the sun was high (somehow I got a tan from my sunglasses), but your smooth voice, charismatic personality, and charming smile (did you get that from Dr. Seaver?) seemed to make it ten times hotter! And let me tell you, the ladies around us were definitely feeling it too. (It seemed like some of the men were pretty jealous, but I’m sure you’re used to that…) And I heard Ashton and Mila were there! Are they your friends? Rahm was really getting down too (see the video!). They have excellent taste in music!

I love the song “Blurred Lines”, and was extremely glad that you decided to open—and close!—the show with that one. It’s the song of the summer! May I ask, what does rhyme with hug me? I’d love further clarification on that one. 😉

But before you get misled about my feelings for you, I have to confess: I’m married. And, obviously, so are you. (Your son is adorable, too!) So for now, let’s just agree that you’ll keep making beautiful music, and I’ll keep listening.

Thank you for the wonderful concert at the Taste. I was glad to be back after so many years! Be sure to let me know when you’re in Chicago next.

With love and admiration,

Second City Gal

Taste of Chicago
Grant Park
The Loop

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