Week #32 – Untitled

Two of my good friends—Bridget and Liz (who happen to be cousins!)—both have birthdays in the summer, so we usually celebrate them both together! The girls picked Untitled in River North, and it was an awesome choice.

I was running late so I didn’t get to take a photo outside, but as you can imagine, the storefront is discrete (hence, Untitled). As I ran downstairs, I was transported from downtown Chicago to a speakeasy from the past.

The restaurant/lounge is huge, and there are many different rooms to explore. The hostess guided me to my friends’ table—I think there were nine of us—in a private booth with a drape to block out the other guests. We had such a great time catching up and laughing until we cried, all while the Prosecco flowed and courses and courses of food were eaten.

Of all the small plates we ordered, I think the fried pickles and bacon cornbread were delicious, but the seafood tower  (full order) was by far the most decadent. I was lucky enough to get some lobster (with the butter it’s out of this world) and shrimp, and I think I’d come back for the tower alone.

During the evening, I got up and wandered around the restaurant, into the library-themed lounge area and the huge room with live music. Later that night, there was a little person playing the drum in the lobby area of the restaurant. That was definitely a first!

After a stressful day of apartment hunting, Untitled helped me forget about my worries and unwind with my gals. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a unique dinner/lounge experience with friends. Enjoy!

111 West Kinzie
River North

Sorry the pictures aren’t the best. It’s really dark in there to set the mood.

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